Pontos Winches - What The Press Say

Pontos Winches - Press Reviews

Its not just us that have realised the benefits of the revolutionary new design from Pontos the Yachting Press have been out testing the products on the water with rave reviews all round.   

Intrigued to find out if the theory worked on the water, I travelled to St Malo to test both types of winch on two different yachts. I was blown away by the results. – Toby Hodges’ January 2015 review in Yachting World

Despite the blinding speed of the Grinder, it’s the Trimmer that produced the broadest smiles among our test crew because it makes life so incredibly easy. A young child could sheet home a large headsail in a way that would have been impossible before without an electric winch. If you have been considering going the electric route, Pontos Trimmers might be a much simpler and less expensive alternative. - David Harding’s September 2015 comprehensive review in Practical Boat Owner

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