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Anchoring & Mooring

3 Strand Polyester - 3 strand construction polyester rope is flexible and spliceable yet strong. The ability of polyester to remain soft and pliable in the harsh marine environment makes it the preferred mooring line.

3 Strand Nylon - 3 strand construction is well known for it's strength and durability. Easily spliceable with high stretch this has been the stalwart mooring and anchoring lines.

8 Strand Anchorbraid - Anchorbraid is English Braid's 8 strand or Anchor line and is made specifically for anchoring. The 8 strand construction allows the rope to be very flexible, easily spliceable to chain, yet with a high strength and stretch. No need to coil into chain lockers, this rope runs well following chain.

Polyester Docklines Easily handled docklines in an easy clean polyester jacket. Very simple to splice and with a soft feel, these distinctive mooring lines stay soft
and strong in all environments and represent exceptional value for strength and durability.

Nylon Docklines - Specifically aimed at the superyacht market the product has been designed for ease of handling and aesthetic appeal. The Nylon centre core provides high levels of stretch and is protected with a black polyester jacket. It is available as both reel and made up ropes with the option of leather eye splices for that luxurious feel.

Polyproplyene Docklines - 3 Strand Polypropylene - English Braids spun staple polypropylene is an economical alternative to polyester and nylon. This rope is buoyant, soft to handle and splices easily with good durability and strength. As with all of our polypropylene ropes it is UV protected.

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