We recently invested in a new 40T Sublift slipway hoist and in development of the slipway itself to allow the hoist to be used to its maximum potential, largely free of tidal restrictions. With the availability of three lifting slings on pairs of independently operated hydraulic arms, full wireless control, and compact size, this is the most versatile hoist on the market and has allowed the yard to make maximum use of the space on the hard standing and in the repair shed. Its unique design allows the safe handling of a wide range of craft up to the maximum weight.

We can offer winter and summer storage ashore, slipping for a few days or a few weeks, or a quick in and out to clean the bottom or check a potential problem.

If wintering ashore or if you need a temporary working cover over the deck to carry out work while ashore, we offer an on site shrink wrapping service. If required, we can fit a frame to raise the working height for access to the deck. The Scottish climate is such that fitting is very weather dependant but we usually manage! Go to the gallery to see a cover from the inside during a full blown Scottish force 9 winter gale.

We can offer various options for antifouling removal from scraping by hand to sand or grit blasting. For antifouling itself we carry the range of International paints but can get other manufacturers products in a couple of days if required. The on site chandlery has all the materials for you to carry out the work yourself or you can leave it to our yard staff can take care of if time is an issue.

While busiest in the spring, we can offer full cleaning and polishing service at any time of the year. The condition of the topsides will be assessed and the appropriate materials applied by hand and with machine polishers to bring them back to a pristine shine.