Shrinkwrap Projects

In 2008/2009 Ardfern Yacht Centre started to experiment with the use of Shrinkwrap to cover boats offering quick and robust coverings to protect boats from the winter weather. Over the winter of 2009 this service came on stream and as such we now offer the service to all on-site customers as well as off-site customers. This is a gallery showing some of the projects to date, from a simple boats ashore to sheds and boats afloat! The real attraction of a shrinkwrap cover is the minimal light weight flexible nature of the finished cover. The plastic frame allows the cover to move as the frame bends dissapating the forces, preventing the cover sustaining damage and avoiding expensive cosmetic damage which can result from a traditional boat cover. The video below gives an onboard view of a 40' yacht with a shrinkwrap cover during a full blown Scottish winter force 9 gale.