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Galley Containers

Gastronorm containers are an essential part of any professional kitchen and are the heart of the GN Espace galley system.

The Gastronorm (GN) system is based on standardised container dimensions starting with the largest size - GN 1/1. Smaller containers are sized as fractions of the largest size eg. GN 2/3, GN or GN 1/6. Available in a wide range of sizes, depths and finishes, all of the Gastronorm containers are fully compatible with the cookers and sinks offered in the GN Espace range.

Gastronorm containers made from 18/10 stainless steel are an essential part of any hardworking professional kitchen. Available in a wide range of sizes with matching lids and inserts, these versatile, easy-to-clean and space saving Gastronorm containers are the heart of the innovative GN Espace galley concept.


These clear Gastronorm containers and lids are fully compatible with the stainless steel versions. Made of sturdy, impact resistant polycarbonate, these containers are taste neutral and approved for use with foodstuffs. They are ideal for use as general storage and cold food storage containers in a range of temperatures between -20C to +90C.

Ceramic Ovenware

These versatile and colourful Gastronorm sized ceramic dishes are the ideal oven-to-tableware solution.  Made from high quality vitreous stoneware they are suitable for freezing, cooking and serving, holding heat for 30% longer.

Cooking Pots and Thermal Plates

Fully compatible with the GN Espace range of cooking appliances, the multi-purpose cast aluminium gastronorm containers with non-stick surface are ideal for hob or oven use, and the multi-layer thermoplate containers are also usable on the latest induction hobs.

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