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Rocna Anchors
The ultimate solution to your vessel's anchoring needs. A Rocna always attains its correct setting attitude for quick penetration, regardless of how it hits the bottom. It digs straight in, offers superior holding-power, and will not easily trip out on load reversal. This represents the best in safety, security, and dependability.

55Kg 1838.96
40Kg 1308.93 
33Kg 879.76  
25Kg 665.37 
20Kg 518.11 
15Kg 409.04 
10Kg 310.87
6Kg   225.79

See a download of the Rocna anchor setting in hard sand within its own length on our downloads page

Rocna Vulcan Anchors

Designed to overcome some of the issues with the original Rocna Anchor roll bar design the Vulcan design is optimised to provide the same immense holding power while being compatible with a wide range of stemhead roller configurations.


55Kg 2504.31
40Kg 1712.78 
33Kg 1206.73 
25Kg 843.41 
20Kg 622.82 
15Kg 493.07 
12Kg 428.18
9Kg   363.31
6Kg   298.43
4Kg   207.60 


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Published March 2019