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Sta-Lok Rigging Hardware

Sta-Lok with over 40 years of experience is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality fittings for stainless steel wire rope and rod systems for marine and architectural applications. All products are manufactured to the highest standards, with a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.

Rigging Hardware

With a choice of wire rope fittings for both Metric and Imperial stainless steel wire ropes, Sta-Lok can provide fittings to match your requirements

Sta-Lok, Swageless Self-Fit Terminals.
The self assembly swageless fitting, introduced in 1973. Stronger than compacted stainless steel wire. Manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel makes it rust free. Assembly is easy using basic hand tools. The only Swageless Terminal to have a former which provides even loading on each wire strand.

Chrome Bronze Turnbuckles, Rigging Screws and Bottle Screws.
Forged from high tensile bronze alloy and chromium plated to give a highly polished finish, bronze turnbuckles are some of the strongest most elegant turnbuckles on the market today, making them the professional's choice.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles.
Sta-Lok offer an extensive range of stainless steel turnbuckles to suit every application. The Supajust turnbuckle incorporates unique design features, style and high performance which sets it apart.
Sta-Lok was the first to incorporate anti-seizing threaded bronze inserts into a stainless steel turnbuckle design. This prevents thread galling which can occur in stainless steel products when under load. Machined from high strength, solid 316 Stainless Steel bar Supajust turnbuckles are stronger than the wire rope and more reliable than castings and threaded tube. The Supajust Turnbuckle is supplied with a highly polished finish. 100% inspection ensures total conformance to thread tolerance and compatibility with matching Sta-Lok end fittings.

Swage Terminals.
Sta-Lok offer a wide range of swage terminals to suit most applications and are suitable for all types of swaging machines. Manufactured from high specification 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401, all swage terminals are machined to close tolerances to ensure accurate termination.

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