Pontos Winches

Pontos Winches - 'The Wind of Change'

Pontos have developed an innovative range of winch products which will benefit sailors of all kinds, each product offering additional power or speed over the standard offering from other manufacturers. The revolutionary gearing system on the winches provide a real alternative to fitting expensive electric winches and all the complications which accompany them.

We are proud to bring this range revolutionary new winch products from Pontos to sailors based in Scotland; the result of over 3 years research and development the Pontos range of winches have introduced a new standard in winches.

Trimmer 4 Speed Winch

The Pontos Trimmer has two additional low ratio gears taking the hard work and sweat out of handling and trimming larger sails; ideally suited to cruising yachts where the crew have started to find sail handling hard work or there are younger crew members keen to get involved. As the load increase on the sheet or halyard the Trimmer automatically engages the Pontos patented clutch system making two additional low ratio gears available by simply reversing the rotation of the winch handle, providing much greater power for the same effort. View the full specification for the Pontos Trimmer

Grinder 4 Speed Winch

Providing greater line recovery speed rather than additional power the Pontos Grinder is aimed at those sailors looking for improved performance against a conventional two speed winch. With line recovery speed so fast there is no need to tail the sheet by hand as the boat tacks before locking it into the self tailer, you can simply use the winch from the start of the tack to the final trimming of the sail. The days of needing strong crew in the cockpit to operate the primary winches are over! View a full technical specification for the Pontos Grinder.

Compact 2 Speed Winch

The latest product in the range from Pontos the Compact winch provideds speed and power in a small foot print; ideally suited to use as a halyard winch where historcially an electric winch may have been installed. Sharing the same technology as its larger siblings the Compact delivers the power of a Size 45 winch in almost the same footprint as a conventional Size 28 winch. The gearing combination has been selected to provide high speed line recovery in first gear, ideal for the initial stages of halyard hoisting. Second gear cleverly provides the additional power often required to set halyard tension. View a full technical specification for the Pontos Compact

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